Privacy, and why we give a shit.

Here's the deal; we collect certain information from you via our website. We use this information to either: complete an order, send you spam (from us), collect data for website statistics or help us to resolve customer support issues.

Our website uses cookies to complete ecommerce transactions and store a unique ID on your computer that allows us to retrieve shopping cart information. When we store your information in our database, we encrypt it with the most up-to-date encryption technology and if you make a purchase via our website, we do not store your full credit card number, expiration dates or CVN data.

We occasionally link to third party websites. While we think those links are cool and all, we accept no responsibility for their content or privacy practices, so use common sense when browsing the internet.

We won't sell your information to third parties, and at the moment, we have no plans or intentions to share this data with any partners, etc. If we change our minds, we will update this privacy statement.

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