The backstory.

Advertising sucks.

Many of us in the advertising and design industries reach a point where we either gloat about our hipster induced success, jump off a bridge or open a restaurant. People encouraged me to open a restaurant but I founded Evil Octopus instead.

Unlike a restaurant, I don't have to sweat away in a kitchen, worry about margins or try to find a long-term dishwasher. I get to go on bikini shoots, write off my surf sessions, worry about margins and slave away in my subterranean laboratory late into the night.

For now, Evil Octopus is your classic garage business. Most times it's just me, hand-crafting items late into the evenings while my wife and children sleep. It's not a huge financial success - yet. But someday, Evil Octopus will take over the world.

I'm obsessive about what I sell. Most items are hand-crafted or designed in my California studio. Some items like T-shirts are printed by a small company in Arizona that often scraps money together for crazy art projects. Most items are unique as I am always improving my process or materials. New thread, new ways of sewing items, new glue, machines or adjusting the fit... every Item is an iteration to a better product.

Simply put, we strive to create the best bikini's, clothing, bags and accessories for those who venture in the water.

Join us. Evil Octopus will be an empire.

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